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Peer Review, or the reviewing and editing of pages by people other than the author, is an essential component of Chronicles Wiki. While many people here may be excellent contributors and transcribe and translate millions of words, all of that is for nothing if there is no oversight. In Academia, peer review is an essential component that separates a book from a monograph and a magazine article from a journal article. It allows other experts to chime in and give their say.

In a wiki platform such as Chronicles Wiki, such is not quite possible, but integrity is still important. Thus, people other than the authors are encouraged to review pages for adequate transcription and translation, as well as for proper linking of outside sources. Ideally, two people will ultimately review any one page (although later editors may still come in and tweak and tinker with specific aspects of the page during the review process). A reviewer is responsible for reviewing an entire page, but not the whole text.

Pages that are double reviewed and signed will be protected from future edits except by Admin. From that point, suggestions for changes must be initiated through that page's Talk Page.

How to list a page for review

To advertise that an page has been completely transcribed, translated, and linked, and is, therefore, available for reviewing, place at the top of the page:

{{To review}}

That's it! Now the page will have a banner advertising its semi-complete status and that another person is encouraged to review it. It will also be added to Category:Pages awaiting review.

How to review

Ideally, two people should review a page. Those people should have knowledge of the source language of the transcription to maximise their academic input. Each reviewer should look through the transcription for probable errors and compare them to the original manuscript, if possible. They should then read through the translation to make sure that the words and phrases are adequately translated. Lastly, they should check through the footnoted sources and see if they match and appear to link to the correct individual, event, or other item of note.

If the reviewer is the first person to check through the page, they should add the following to the bottom of the page below the footnotes but above any navigation template:

== Reviewers ==
* Your linked [[User:Username|Username]] (Date Reviewed)

If you are the second reviewer for a page, then add your name to the list at the bottom of the page (copy the formatting of the first reviewer). Also, replace the {{To review}} template at the top of the page with {{Reviewed}}. This will signify that the page has undergone double peer review and it will also replace the Review category from the page with a new category noting the page's reviewed status.