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When adding new content to an article, there are some simple rules to follow that will make everything easier for everybody:

1 . Stake Your Claim

Unlike normal Wiki projects, this one can involve a lot of time consumption. If you are working on a translation, you want to make sure that nobody else is also doing it too. To stake your claim, click the "Edit" link for the section for the section of text you want to work on (if you want to work on a whole page of text, click "Edit" at the top of the page). Beneath the header line, type out:


| Your Username (without [[User:...]]
| Any additional comments you may have (this is optional)


Click "Publish" when you are done. If you are creating an entirely new page, staking your claim is not absolutely necessary, but it's still a good idea.

2. Edit

Once the notice has been posted, click on "Edit" again for the section and begin translating the text to the best of your abilities. If there are terms that you cannot define, place them in square brackets ("[Problem Word(s)]") and then surround the text with {{prob|problem=[Problem Word(s)]}}. This will recolor the text in dark orange and place a category marker at the bottom of the page noting that there are translation problems somewhere on the page. Remember to save prior to 2 hours and, if you are working on a section for longer than that time, to re-input {{translating}} before that time to reset the timestamp.

3. Leave A Placeholder (Optional)

If you have to stop editing before you've finished, place {{inc}} at the end of the last word of your translation. This will signify to everybody that the translation is incomplete and will leave a category marker at the bottom of the page so that somebody can know that the translation is incomplete.

4. Remove the Header

When your translation is complete, remember to remove the {{translating}} header from the section so that everybody knows you are done with the section for now. Even if the translation is incomplete, remove the header. In addition, feel free to remove headers from other sections in any article if it is beyond the two-hour time period.