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The frontispiece to Charles V's edition of the Grandes Chroniques de France, showing the coronation of an unnamed king of France by the great lords and prelates. (BnF Ms fr 2813)

For hundreds of years, medieval monks and scribes across Europe wrote vast histories that began at Creation, Noah's Flood, or the Trojan War, and brought their history to the present. Clerics wrote treatises and commentaries on God, the Bible, and the letters of Church Fathers. Lawyers wrote legal treatises and courts wrote obscure laws now largely lost to antiquity. Thousands of documents were produced in the Middle Ages, some of which still have an impact on today, but so many remain untranslated into English and are, thus, inaccessible to the casual historian. Via Medieval Texts and the power of crowd-sourcing knowledge and experience, these documents are now available in English to the public for free using open use transcriptions from the 19th century. Medieval Texts is here for those who wish to step back in time and see things from a distinctly medieval point of view.

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This site is designed as a transcription and translation repository for historians of medieval and early modern European history — specifically those with a knowledge of extinct forms of Latin, English, French, German, Italian, and any other European languages. If you are using chronicles, church and court documents, and other writings from this period, help the world by publishing your translations here. The academic world has changed much since the 19th century and published translations are not as valuable to the academic CV as they once were. But there are thousands of documents out in the world that have never been translated into modern English. Join this site, upload your transcriptions and translations, and share your knowledge with the world. It won't only benefit you, but also millions of history and literature students, as well as casual readers, who every year overlook valuable resources simply because they can't read the language. Become an agent of change – don't just keep your work to yourself. That is what this wiki is for.

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